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Viessa Vatheni

Gahlen Merchant


High Waisted Dress

This simple, modest dress is made from quality, teal linen and delicate silk lace trimming in a casual, yet elegant style. The shallow, scooped neckline is edged in the white silk lace, youthfully concealing cleavage while its breadth allows a glimpse of delicate, feminine collar bones and the graceful line of her neck. Slightly puffed shoulder caps ebb into quarter length sleeves decoratively ruffled just beneath the elbow. A wide, light pink, silk ribbon cinches the dress taut beneath the breasts, where the material parts to reveal a panel in the same soft shade of pink. From there the skirt falls freely down the body, gliding over feminine curves to end in a line of lace brushing the tops of the feet. The designer mark inside the neckline is a small, embroidered 'V' in vivid pink.


White Wine Syllabub

Served chilled in beverage form, the light blond concoction is a bit thicker than milk, resisting sloshing outside of its short, wide brimmed glass. A decorative dusting of dark brown nutmeg provides a nice contrast of complementing colors against the pale drink.

The buttery aroma of milk thickened with cream and the earthy nutmeg help balance out the sharp brightness of quality white wine. There is only the faintest hint of cinnamon, easily lost among the rest.

Smooth and creamy, the smallest sip carries a great deal of flavor. Crisp, dry white wine is given texture and a subtle sweetness by the combination of milk and cream, providing a complementing medium for the nutmeg and cinnamon spice. The texture is one dependent upon the individual, some will naturally prefer it thicker or thinner to suit personal taste. As served, the drink is just thick enough so a sip coats the palate and for the overall flavor to linger once swallowed.

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The Surik Social, Issue 1194, April 10, 1518:


For those in Surik who have been under a rock the last two weeks, here is a brief history. Viessa Vatheni was born to modestly successful merchant parents in Surik. Their shop, Vatheni Vintage, specializes in handcrafted merchandise and tailored clothing in classic styles, often given a modern twist. In the last two years, the shop's reputation has climbed high on the social ladder and there are few wardrobes in Surik's upper west side that do not have at least one of their works hanging within. Viessa is the youngest twin born to Martin and Silvia Vatheni; Viktar preceded his sister into the world by three minutes. Regardless, on their eighteenth birthday, Viktar was officially named the Vatheni heir.


Surik society pages published numerous articles on the resulting scandal. Viktar was spotted being quite naughty in an establishment aptly named, The Lifted Skirt, in drunken celebration. Anonymous sources claimed the Vatheni townhouse quaked for days from Viessa's wrath. It is said she believes herself a far superior choice and proclaimed her brother "a useless, nag humping, corny faced blunderbuss," along with a creative variety of other insults, before her father finally tossed her from his study.


Whatever truly happened within the Vatheni townhouse in the days following the announcement, Viessa was seen leaving the city in a hired carriage fleeing Surik for Gahlen not two weeks later. Further attempts to contact the family for a statement have, to this day, remained unsuccessful.

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"


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